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Teeth Shattering Scream

Teeth Shattering Scream- 36x48- Vicki Lynn Rae

Teeth Sahttering Scream

(Self Portrait)


Acrylic on Canvas


'Created in a moment of alchemy where surrender and breakdown lead to deep transformation and breakthrough, Teeth Shattering Scream is an emotionally charged self portrait from Vicki's #Recovery Series.'

"Breathe deep; swallow hard. Don't bottle those demons down. Stop being nice at the expense of your life. Brace yourself and cry out; cry out that stifled scream! Tear off that imagined noose and gag and let the rage be seen as the fire that casts out the comforting shadows and lies. Let your pain shine and light up your soul. Ignite; ignite the fuse that's been set for you. Honour the pearls of wisdom falling from your eyes. You're cradled, not bound, you're un-lost, you're found. Now inhale, get up and rise." -Vicki Lynn Rae, Artist

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Chicago Tribune
Teeth Shattering Scream for exhibition

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