EROS 2013- CURRENT | Experience the Vision of Artist Vicki Lynn Rae


EROS is a series of self portraits. I began this series in 2013 and have allowed it to unfold organically; meaning I only undertake one of these deeply spiritual self reflective paintings when I feel 'called' to. Each piece has significant personal depth and meaning.

“Plato told us long ago how passion, or, as he put it, Eros, moves toward the creation of form.  Eros moves toward the making of meaning and the revealling of Being.  Originally a daimon called love, Eros is the lover of wisdom and the force in us that brings to birth both wisdom and beauty.  Plato says through Socrates that “Human nature will not easily find a helper better than love [Eros].”  Excerpt from ’The Courage to Create’ by Rollo May 

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